Why NOT Trump?

1. He’s stated that the government of Mexico is deliberately sending drug dealers, rapists and other criminals across the US/Mexican border – which – if true – would constitute an act of war.
2. He believes he can make Mexico pay for a wall across the entire US southern border.
3. If elected, he intends to deport 11,000,000+ illegal aliens from the US.
4. He’s called for changes in immigration policy to keep people out of the country based on their religious affiliation, which is both un-American & unconstitutional.
5. He has repeatedly stated that he doesn’t like France or the French people, and that he will never stop saying so.
6. He thinks that global warming is a scam created by the Chinese government, to hamstring American manufacturing interests – which – if true – would also constitute an act of war.
7. He has publicly stated that POW’s are not war heroes, and inferred that real war heroes don’t get captured.
8. He has no military experience. He’s a rich brat who went to a fancy military prep school, and then got deferments to avoid the Vietnam War.
9. He says he will bring back the use of water-boarding “and more” against terrorists if he becomes President.
10. He says the American Dream is dead, even though the US economic system has afforded him the where-with-all to become a multibillionaire in the course of his own lifetime.
11. He does not believe in American values, or in Democracy – he does not believe in nations, or ideologies – he has publicly stated that the world is run by corporations, and governed by the ‘Laws of Business’. He has stated outright that he views the whole world as just a business.
12. He thinks money is just a way to keep score in an artificial & phony game of some sort.
13. He has publicly stated that Republicans “are the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on Fox News”, and stated that is why he would be able to get away with lying to them if he ever decided to run for office as President.
14. He is prejudiced against people who are not Caucasian. He is prejudiced against people who are immigrants. He is prejudiced against people who are poor. He is prejudiced against women.
15. He does not believe his ancestors “made their way to this country, so that immigrants can just come along and take their jobs.”
16. He insults people because of the way they look, their gender, race, ethnic origin, and place of birth.
17. He has publicly stated that most people are not worthy of any respect.
18. He has publicly stated that he gets along better with poor and middle class people than he does with people who are rich, and that he has a great relationship with “the Blacks”. He also believes that Hispanics love him.
19. He still holds that President Obama was born outside the United States, and is a Muslim, despite any credible proof whatsoever.
20. He does not understand the concept of ‘white privilege’.
21. He does not believe that Black Lives Matter, or understand that concept either.
22. He is a blatant misogynist, and doesn’t even recognize such behavior as being a fault.
23. He believes abortion should be made illegal again, and that physicians who perform them should be jailed.
24. He has publicly stated that women who get an abortion should be punished.
25. He believes that all women are “a piece of ass”, and the best kind to have is a young and beautiful one.
26. He has publicly stated that he would probably ‘date’ his own daughter if she were not his daughter.
27. He thinks breast feeding in public is disgusting.
28. He thinks he has a high IQ, and he thinks that an IQ score is what makes people smart.
29. He’s a braggart and a narcissist who believes that being rich makes him important.
30. He has publicly stated that he is so popular that he could get away with committing a drive-by shooting.
31. He believes “the country is a mess in almost every way,” and that only he can make it “great again”.
32. He believes the economy does better under Democrats, but he switched to being a Republican anyway.
33. He confuses dictates for governance.
34. He thinks that tinkering with the Federal Reserve bond system is within the Presidential prerogative.
35. He believes that Presidents are responsible for creating jobs, and that he would be better at doing so than anyone else.
36. If elected, he intends to overturn the Affordable Health Care Act.
37. He is not in favor of self-reflection, because “when you start studying yourself too deeply, you start seeing things that maybe you don’t want to see.”
38. He has no sense of decorum, nor concern about the sensibilities of others.
39. He is boorish, and gauche.
40. He is a self-proclaimed bully, and proud of it.
41. He calls himself a ‘Christian’ but doesn’t know how to pronounce all the books in the Bible correctly.
42. He does not believe in turning the other cheek, and by his own admission is incapable of forgiveness.
43. He tells lies continually, and with a perfectly straight face.
44. He has publicly stated that going bald is the worst thing a man can ever do in the world.
45. His hair is fake, and he lies about it.
46. He has publicly stated that his fingers are long and beautiful, just like other “well-documented” but unstated parts of his body.
47. He thinks ‘schlonged’ is a real word.
48. He has publicly stated that he believes that vaccines cause autism.
49. He doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut, or how.
50. He is delusional, and out of touch with reality.


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