Dancing with The Donald

Subvert: (seb vurt’) <L. subvertere < sub- under + vertere, to turn
1. to overthrow or destroy something established
2. to undermine or corrupt

Governing is not a sporting event. It is not about who has the highest quality players, the best long-time scoring record, or the best team of the season. It is not about who makes the most tackles or scores the most points. It is not about who has the most expensive stadium, or the most vociferous fans, or the best half-time show. Government is not about waving banners, bizarre costumes & make-up, or sis-boom-bah…

Governing is not a ‘reality’ show. It is not about make-believe people, in make-believe situations, saying & doing outrageous things for entertainment purposes. It is not about saying the right thing, or parroting a party ‘line’, or being politically correct. It is not about getting laughs, or kissing babies, or winning a $1,000,000 talent show. Government is not about TV ratings, or who’s ahead in the latest viewers’ polling chart…

Governing is not about politics. It is not about which political party is in power at a given time, or which group of people controls the White House, Congress, or the Supreme Court. It is not about who is (or is not) an office-holder, or who may be running for President, Senator, Governor, or Congressman. Government is not about partisanship…

Governing is not about gaining personal fame, or power. It is not about amassing a personal fortune. It is not about handing out favors to your friends or supporters. It is not about building a campaign financing fund, or establishing a charitable foundation, or maintaining a family dynasty. It is not about “divide & conquer”, or “winner takes all”, or finding out who is “the biggest loser”. Government is not about nepotism, bribery, cronyism, patronage, influence or graft…

Governing is not a business occupation, or like being on a board of directors. It is not about building profitable stock options, gaining or losing market shares, or ensuring shareholders’ profits. It is not about executive compensation & bonus packages. Government is not a ‘for profit’ enterprise…

For governance is meant to be about accountability and fairness, and maintaining the rule of law. It is about the proper management of public resources, and the equitable distribution of power within society. It is about the integrity of appointed and elected representatives, and about honesty in the way our public institutions function. It is about the respect the bureaucracy affords to each citizen, but also about the way we treat each other daily, as individual citizens.

And whenever the act of governing has been turned into any other channels – whether through corruption, or chicanery; through stupidity, or outright intent – then the legitimate purpose of government has become subverted, and Democracy cannot long endure.


2 thoughts on “Dancing with The Donald

  1. Eight years ago I stopped commenting online on a Democrat primary and general election corrupted by what we now call the Alt-Right. Back then we just called them wing nuts. When the same nut jobs started spewing their hate, lies and conspiracy theories even by pretending to be for Sander’s; I felt dragged back into the online conversation. Now, as the end draws near; it is clear America has OK’d the sick game this right wing has made out of politics.
    We know it is a game when winning is the only thing of consequence. We know it is a dishonest game when the referees (media) job depends on making it close rather than assuring the best team wins. We know it is a sick game when hate rules the day, generating fear and anger. We know we are in trouble when otherwise honest and trustworthy people accept the game of opinion(s) substituting for truth.
    The truth has become victim to the game that keeps score on how many people you can get to believe something. It is obvious the Birther lie came from the same sick gamester mindset that promotes all the lies about Clinton. They go hand in hand. If you believe Obama is a foreign born Muslim you are immune to the evidence Clinton is as honest as you are.
    If you can get people to shamelessly boo and shout down any defense, you can win the game. You sacrifice your reason and self-respect, but the game will be over soon. You can then go back to your quiet self-righteousness and forget your record of trying to help the needy and disenfranchised pales in comparison. Lucky for you, you have 4 years to convince yourself you are not responsible for the consequences. After all it is just a game.


  2. Sadly, even if Hillary wins this current election, the (future) handwriting is already upon the Trump wall… sooner or later, someone similar to The Donald is going to become President of the United States. It has been said that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, and while that is certainly true, it is just as certain that the Republic wasn’t destroyed overnight, either… it took time to erode away its original liberty, and it took even more time to degrade the Imperial Power it became, as well. But ‘bread and circuses’ most certainly played a part in the degradation of both kinds of Roman

    Imho, we will be extremely lucky if American Democracy can last merely another 100 years.


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