An objective look at why Hillary Clinton lost the recent election:

1. Clinton did not win the ‘popular vote’ where it really counted: Democrats only won 21 states, while the Republicans won 29 – including Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio & Michigan, which were the ‘key’ states where she had to get a majority of the popular vote in order to win the overall election.

2. Too many women (42%), minorities (blacks – 8%; Latino – 29%; Asian – 29%; other – 37%), LGBT people (14%), union members (43%), Independents (48%) & switched Democrats (9%) voted for the Republican nominee. Additionally, there were 2 Third Party contestants {Stein & Johnson} in the election who siphoned off more than 5% of the total ballots cast – enough to affect outcomes in several key swing states.

3. Overall voting turnout was down, well below 2008 and 2012 levels, with only 134.5 million votes cast (estimate – ballots are still being counted as of 11/19/16), out of a voting age population of 251.1 million (estimated). This was the lowest voter turnout in 20 years, and was undoubtedly due to the large numbers of people who did not like either of the two major candidates [Clinton: -54%; Trump: -63%].

4. The Democratic nomination process was not designed to find the best possible candidate. It was generally assumed that 2016 was Hillary’s “turn”, and that the country was ready to elect a woman as President (following 2 terms by the 1st black US President). The leading democratic challenger was not a Democrat, but an avowed Socialist. Incumbent Vice President Biden was never seriously considered as a viable candidate, nor was the most vocal female Senator (Elizabeth Warren).

5. Both Hillary and her spouse, former President Bill Clinton, carried too much ‘baggage’ from previous elections with them, and the country was not willing to have both Clintons returned to the White House for another term in office. [Bill Clinton’s un-favorable rating: -40% (Bloomberg polling, Aug. 5 – 8, 2016).]


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