Leading the Blind

If America had been founded as a democracy, Hillary Clinton would now be preparing to take office as the first female President of the United States…

It was not.

We live in a Constitutional Republic, where all real power resides within individuals who are selected to represent the mass of the citizenry, through previously established rules of law.

Consequently, it is selected representatives who actually determine who will hold the Presidency, which legislation will be enacted, and what funds will be spent on behalf of everyone else. And although commonly misunderstood, it is a system where the right to run for (and hold) political office supersedes the right of an individual’s vote.

Because our system of government is not really about a popularity contest, but rather one of bald suffrage… not about who gets the most votes, but about who holds the most political power.

So – 306 electors will beat 65,844,610 ballots, every time. And, as the old saying advises… “To the Victor belong the spoils.”

Americans may not know much about how their government actually functions, but through a plethitude of past experiences they get that particular idea, all right. It’s about who gets away with grabbing whose… which is why we had all better gird up our loins – for what’s about to take place will be the most excessive power grab this country has seen since it got rid of a hereditary royalty.

The billionaire class is about to rule the roost, and a new aristocracy – of the wealthy, by the wealthy, and for the wealthy – is soon to take over the existing reins of power.

Truth being even stranger than fiction, you may not recognize that old class in modern-day America, but they are the same nefarious bunch that Ayn Rand depicted in her book “Atlas Shrugged”, which she described as ‘looters’…

Yes – thanks to the Tyranny of a Majority, and the Faithful Electors of an antiquated College – the Robber Barons of the World are about to finally Unite.

“The more precarious and the more perilous the position of a people becomes, the more absolute is the want of a fixed and consistent external policy, and the more dangerous does the system of electing the chief magistrate become.” Alexis de Tocqueville, “On Democracy in America”, Vol. I & II, 1835 & 1840

[Pieter Brueghel the Elder (1526/1530–1569) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]


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