“We’re going to have insurance for everybody. There was a philosophy in some circles that if you can’t pay for it, you don’t get it. That’s not going to happen with us.” Donald Trump, 01/15/17

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Health insurance for everyone, whether they can afford to pay for it, or not…

So how’s that work, again? Is it like Karl Marx, only in reverse – “To each, according to his need; from each, according to his ability’? Or is it just a flat give-away… everybody gets health insurance, regardless of how much money they may make?

So, when you get sick & have to go to see a doctor, it will be covered by your free health insurance, right?

Doesn’t sound very Republican – isn’t that sorta like Universal Coverage or Socialized Medicine?

What? Oh… (a)(c) (c) (e) (s) (s). It’s all about ACCESS TO insurance, for everybody.

Now, I get it – it’s like the phrase “With Liberty and Justice for all”… it’s about OPPORTUNITY, instead of reality. Just like we all presently have the opportunity to obtain brand-new Porsches and Ferraris and Lamborghinis, we will now all have the opportunity to obtain brand-new health insurance policies, too…

Just like we had the opportunity to obtain homes that we couldn’t afford to keep up payments on in 2008, after the bottom fell out of the US housing market…

Or just like we had the opportunity to obtain educational loans at fake ‘universities’ that promised high paying jobs & then went belly up, after they scammed thousands of people…

Only, what happened to that part about “if you can’t pay for it…”? How do we access that? And how do we access the actual medical care we may need, with or without any health insurance?

By going to the nearest Emergency Room and begging for mercy?

ACCESSORY: A person who, though absent, helps another to break or escape the law; an accomplice. Example: “The Republican Congress was an accessory to President Trump in aiding or abetting the commission of a crime against the American People .”


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