“This is a struggle for the survival of our nation. This election will determine whether we are a free nation, or whether we have only the illusion of Democracy but are in fact controlled by a small handful of global special interests rigging the system.” Donald Trump, Oct. 13, 2016, West Palm Beach, FL.

The people of this country have not been so divided since the days leading up to the American Civil War.

Right wing conservatives now control the White House & Congress, and will soon gain full control of the Judicial Branch of government. Liberals are outraged over an election that appears to have been at least partially influenced internally by political chicanery, and externally by a hostile foreign government. And the neo-fascist regime which has formed around the newly-installed President continues to ham-handedly barge ahead, ramming through regulatory rules and regulations designed to obliterate the past 40 years of progressive achievement.

The only thing keeping open revolt from breaking out immediately, is a lack of clear boundaries defining who is on which side of the ideological divide. If there was a territorial ‘North’ and ‘South’ involved we would probably already be in a shooting war, or at least taking pot-shots at each other…

This situation is only going to worsen as time goes on.

Trump and his minions have no intention of slowing or calling a halt to what they are doing, which is to implement radical across-the-board changes to the existing governmental system, regardless of who likes it or who doesn’t. They are being aided & abetted in those efforts by a deluded Republican Party, which still believes they are in control of things, and that Trump intends to play by the old political rules, instead of by ‘winner takes all; losers get nothing’.

And by ‘winner’ this megalomaniac only means Me, Myself, And I.

Since being elected, he has proposed a Presidential cabinet composed almost entirely of millionaires, billionaires and selected special interests, including multi-national oil companies, Wall Street financial corporations, large government contractors & large agribusiness holdings.

Since being elected, he has continued to rail against the American system of elections as being unfairly ‘rigged’, even though HE was elected as President by that very same system. Since being elected, he has continued to promulgate ideas which are un-democratic, un-American & absolutely un-Constitutional, including the use of torture against prisoners and invading other countries to obtain their natural resources for our own national usage.

Since being elected, he has instigated a freeze on all new federal regulations; a freeze on all new civilian hiring; issued a ‘gag order’ on all federal agency communications to the public, the media, other elected representatives, and members of the Judiciary. Since being elected he has halted all refugees (worldwide) from entering the United States, particularly those who are Muslim and/or Syrian.

Since being elected, he has dramatically increased new military spending across the board, and ordered 10,000 additional Border Control Officers (with expanded authority to arrest anyone) to be hired and trained. Since being elected, he has instructed the US Justice Department to begin legal proceedings against numerous cities, counties and State governments which refuse to follow his Presidential immigration orders, in flagrant violation of the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.

With all that has taken place within the first few days & weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency, the question must be asked:


Because this is, indeed, a struggle for the survival of our country – and right now, the handful of global special interests are winning.



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