The past 30 days (!!!) since the Presidential inauguration, have been much like suffering through a stupendous earthquake. The initial devastating shock has been superseded by a series of lesser – though still terrifying – tremblers that leave the ground unstable and treacherous underfoot. People are still reeling, both figuratively and literally, from the enormity of the rapid upheaval and no one is sure when or where the next tectonic shift will occur.

The only certainty is that the epicenter will always be focused upon the InsaneClownKing who is now this country’s supposed leader.

It is like having a nightmare without being able to wake up. And then waking up, and finding out that it wasn’t just a bad dream…

The landscape has completely changed, and not for the better. “Politics As Usual” is a thing of the past, and there is no going back – not in a week, or in a month, or in a year. Not even in the next four… or, shudder at the thought, the next eight.

Trumpism, that idea-less study of vacant self-hood, is here to stay. With the De-publicans as semi-mannish servants to its persistent frenzy…

Like it or not, accept it or not, comprehend it or not, we are all earthquake victims now – survivors, stumbling around in the ruins of what used to be, trying to find a security that is forever lost.

Because Humpty Dumpty sits beside his Soon-To-Be-Built Wall, and all the King’s Asses and all the Kings’ Spins are not going to knit this country back together again. Not in any rational way…

Whichever direction Rome eventually falls, it will not go back to the way things used to be. Empirical aftershocks have untold repercussions, that last forever. The daily replacement of Fact with Alternations In Reality does not bode well for the future, in terms of politics – or of Reason. When truth and lies become interchangeable, when opinions become as good as gold bullion, when any fool becomes an equal to every scholar – then The End is not far out of sight.

In my short time in this nation, I have watched the Thousand Days of Camelot; Mankind’s Climb to Touch the Moon; a Would-be Despot Overthrown; and the Collapse of the Twin Towers, but I have never seen anything which even remotely matches this still-unfolding present-day Spectacle of Spectacles.

From here on out, there is nowhere left to go but down. This is like playing a game of chess where one side only has pawns… Resistance may not be completely futile, but the White King is going to have to get down & dirty to have any chance of a stalemate at all.

Because the only rules these fascist assholes know is Winner Takes All & Loser Loses Everything…

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Choice, Freedom from Religion, the Rule of Law – all of that is up for grabs, now. None of that matters anymore, with the InsaneClownKing re-writing all the laws and dictating throughout the land.

Soon the only courts that will have any jurisdiction at all will be the Court of Public Opinion, and the Court of No Appeals.

And then Wealth and Power will reign over all else, and the 1,000-year Billionaire’s Reich can finally begin.


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