Although partisans will be arguing about what just happened for a long time to come, the 2016 election is finished – over & done – and now simply one for the record books.

But factual data has a way of telling its own story, and every statistical record speaks for itself quite nicely if one simply takes the time to look at it.

It has been said that “Every nation gets the government it deserves” – and if that is true for one, then it must be equally true for all.* In the United States, that idea is probably best summed-up through the common phrase ‘the will of the People’, although American naiveté does not seem capable of recognizing the inherent negativity within that thought.

In any event, it is incontrovertible that out of a voting age of 250,000,000 or so, only approximately 136,300,000 Americans bothered to vote in the 2016 election.

That equates to roughly 55% of the whole voting age populace, and even if you only count those who were actually eligible/registered to vote in this election – leaving out adult non-citizens, felons & parolees, and expatriates overseas – it still ups the grand total of those voting to only 59% of the electorate.

Which means, over 94 million registered voters simply did not take the time to go vote in the 2016 election.

While still another 2,400,000 million voters chose not to vote for any Presidential candidate.

And more than 6,000,000 additional voters chose to cast ballots for 3rd party candidates, who had no real chance of becoming the next President.

Furthermore, in 18 States (with a total of 229 electoral votes) the margin for victory between Trump & Clinton was less than 10% of the total ballots cast.*

In other words, if more people had voted at all – or if more people had simply voted for the office of the President – or if more people had voted in the four closest ‘Battleground States’ – or if more people had just voted for the two major political party candidates – the outcome could have easily been reversed.

And then we wouldn’t have an idiot in the White House… but that’s the Will of the People, so as Infallible Americans it must be exactly what we deserve.

*[Joseph de Maistre, French philosopher & writer, 1860. Having lived through the horrors of the French Revolution, however, De Maistre had another famous quote that is still most appropriate in this present Trump-ite Age: “False opinions are like false money, struck first of all by guilty men, and thereafter circulated by honest people who perpetuate the crime without knowing what they are doing.”

*Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, & Wisconsin: less than 1% difference. Florida, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, Maine, Arizona, North Carolina & Colorado: less than 5% difference. Georgia, Virginia, Ohio, New Mexico, Texas & Iowa: 10% or less difference.


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