Get the popcorn ready & make your preemptory trip to the bathroom, folks… it’s time for Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Really Pissed-Off’ show to finally begin! If you think the first 45 days of President FlimFlam’s administration have been laughable & entertaining, then get ready to pee your pants…

Those amazingly ignorant & incompetent idiots are about to find out (the hard way) why no Republican Congress has EVER tried to make good on their perpetual threats to CUT GOVERNMENT SPENDING.

You see, there is a very good reason why – despite over 30 years of constant House, Senate and Presidential campaign promises to their conservative base about drastically limiting the size of the ever-increasing federal government – that HAS NOT happened & IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN NOW.

But President FlimFlam and his merry band of political amateurs haven’t a clue about the realities involved in actually governing this country, so they are completely ignorant of the fact that discretionary spending does not equate to unnecessary funding…

Because “discretionary spending” is a misnomer that implies that the item in question is wasteful & therefore does not need to be spent… that it is just being thrown away and benefits no one, no way, no how.

But the truth that Republican lawmakers are sitting quietly upon, and keeping very, very quiet about, is that each & every current department, agency and program budget line-item is there because THEIR OWN CONSTITUENTS HAVE ASKED FOR IT.

And thanks to Trump & his billionaire cronies, all those constituents are about to begin squealing like pigs on a concrete floor getting their nuts cut off – and baby, the shit is about to fly!

Because you cannot promise Coal Miners in West Virginia & Kentucky more jobs, and then do away with the Appalachian Regional Commission which funds economic opportunities for all coal-dependent communities within those 13 regional coal-producing states…

You cannot promise ranchers and farmers who live near the Mexican border that you will protect their safety and interests, and then do away the program under the Justice Department that funds salary costs for State and local incarceration of undocumented illegal aliens…

You cannot promise Baby Boomers support in their retirement, and then do away with funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service, which operates AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, and other senior social service volunteer agencies in every State of the nation…

You cannot just take back federal block grants which provide many, many programs that help local teachers and principals, community housing programs, senior employment programs, children’s before- & after- school programs, affordable housing and home ownership programs, energy assistance & weatherization programs, economic development programs, and a whole slew of other worthy projects across the entire country…

Not without paying a huge political price, both immediately and in the next elections. Because as any incumbent politician will tell you ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’ – and trying to make cuts of up to 30% in arbitrarily-selected departments, and trying to eliminate arbitrarily-selected programs across the board is only a means to a painful self-administered political suicide.

Enough of all the lies: the federal government is the size it is for one reason, and one reason only – IT NEEDS TO BE, to afford all the varied measures and functions that the electorate want to have accomplished.

So, if you think the Republicans are having problems ‘repealing and replacing’ something that a majority of citizens don’t want to see changed, in regard to health insurance, just wait until it comes time to debate and actually legislate doing-away-with-literally-billions-of-dollars-worth of federal programs and benefits people have become accustomed to having, for nearly the last 75 years!

Welcome to the Big Top, folks! Peanuts! Popcorn! Get your red-hots, right here…


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