A BRIEF HISTORY: 1774/75 – Dr. Benjamin Church – Tory spy/England – colonial identity crisis. 1779 – General Benjamin Arnold – defector/England – re-commissioned as British brigadier general – annual pension of £360, and lump sum of over £6,000. 1860 – Captain Thomas Jordan – defector/CSA – promotion to brigadier general in the Confederate Army. […]



Definition: “Violation of the allegiance owed to one’s sovereign or state; betrayal of one’s country, specifically in the United States (as declared in the US Constitution), consisting only in levying war against the United States, or in giving aid and comfort to its enemies.” May 26, 2017 – According to the latest report from The […]

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Qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent. Vice President Mike Pence: “Hearing that story today was the first I heard of it. It’s the first I heard of it, and I think it is an affirmation of the president’s decision to ask General Flynn to resign.” 09 March 17 Attorney General Jeff Sessions: “I have […]

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Implausible Excuses There is only one plausible reason why a President would fire an FBI Director during an ongoing investigation concerning the White House… because he is guilty of doing what he is suspected of doing. The very idea that Director Comey was fired because of things he did back in July and October of […]

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