Implausible Excuses

There is only one plausible reason why a President would fire an FBI Director during an ongoing investigation concerning the White House… because he is guilty of doing what he is suspected of doing.

The very idea that Director Comey was fired because of things he did back in July and October of last year (during the presidential election campaign) – which Presidential candidate Donald Trump supported and praised at the time – is simply ludicrous.

Far more likely reasons were the dual revelations – a mere two days ago – produced at the Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee by Sally Yates (the Acting Attorney General, also fired by Trump) concerning the mysterious events surrounding Gen. Flynn’s removal as National Security Advisor, and now-retired Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s testimony that Trump’s financial dealings are also included in the ongoing investigation(s) surrounding possible collusion with the Russians.

During her testimony, Yates stated that Gen. Flynn had engaged in “underlying conduct” in his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak that went far beyond just lying to the Vice-President about what had been said, or even by making himself vulnerable to possible Russian blackmail. Yates categorically refused to state exactly what Flynn’s conduct had been which raised such an alarm within the DOJ, because that continues to be classified information, and is part of the ongoing FBI investigation.

It may have been that Flynn discussed lifting the American sanctions against Russian aggression against the Ukraine; it may have been that he told lies to the FBI, who had recently conducted a background security clearance interview on him; or it may have been something even more distressing – especially from the perspective of the President – such as Flynn speaking openly about Russian involvement in the recent US presidential campaign, or even by alluding to the President’s own involvement in the matter.

Another good & sufficient reason for the President to try and derail the Comey investigation is based on something that former Air Force Lt. General Clapper noted during the Senate hearing. Near the end of the testimony, Senator Lindsey Graham asked Clapper if he knew of any intelligence investigations where Trump business dealings in Russia “had given concern”. When Clapper quibbled about an earlier intelligence report, Graham expanded his question to ‘any & all investigations’ – to which Clapper then replied, “I can’t comment on that because that impacts an investigation.”

Which – reading between the lines – means that the ongoing FBI investigation into collusion with the Russians is now moving into areas well outside of its original parameters… and that has to be alarming to Trump personally, as well as administratively.

Senior Advisor Roger Stone, Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski, Foreign Policy Advisor Carter Page, Campaign Director Paul Manafort, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, US Attorney Preet Bharara, and now – FBI Director James Comey… all have been intimately involved with the Trump campaign and subsequent Trump administration.

And all have been fired – personally – by apprentice-President Donald Trump, as he attempts to delay and obfuscate about what actually went on during his march to gain the White House.

It is a cover-up of monumental proportions, and it is not over yet. Not by a longshot…


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