Fool’s Errand

“Life was a fool’s errand, carrying news to the worms.” Kylie Tennant, author A fool’s errand – by definition – is an attempt to do something that has no chance of success. But when someone is asked to do the impossible by another person, then who is the fool? The person attempting to complete the […]

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Dear Dictator Trump, Now that you have investigated the possibility of granting yourself a pardon (if all else fails in covering-up the fact that you are a money-laundering treasonous bastard), I believe it would also greatly benefit your illegitimate Presidency and eventual notoriety in American history books if you will double-down & go even further… […]


The Dumbass Excuse

“In retrospect, I probably would have done things a little differently.” – Donald Trump, Jr. [‘Duh, but since I’m such a dumbass, duh, I didn’t take the time to think through the ramifications of my actions, duh, or any negative effect they might have on my father’s desire to become President of the US. Duh, […]

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What a disappointment Donald Trump has turned out to be… all he seems to be able to do is tweet, tweet, tweet – like some demented little tweetybird – without being able to get the simplest things accomplished: Putting Hillary in jail – the only one still likely to be “locked up” is ex-National Security […]

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