Same Table, Same Options

Donald – “Oh, yeah? Well, I bet you “fire and fury like the world has never seen”…

Kim – “Raise ya one thermonuclear weapon. You move, sucka…”

And so the high-stakes poker game goes on & on, until someone makes a mistake & it isn’t really going to matter who/whom. Maybe it will be North Korea, by sending a missile too close to a US protectorate or ally… or maybe it will be the United States, by using its conventional forces against some North Korean patrol boat or submarine, as a ‘limited provocation’. Or maybe, South Korea will get carried away in one of its never-ending military exercises… or maybe Japan will get tired of having ICBM’s lobbed over its people’s heads…

Somebody is going to screw up, sooner or later. And when that finally happens, a whole lot of people are going to die.


And for what? National pride? Patriotic fervor? World security? Ego-mania?
I don’t think so…

I think it will be because a bunch of silly little monkeys with delusions of grandeur have gone about as far as they can go as a species.

Kick that ‘Crown Of Creation’ crap into the nearest garbage can – it was entirely self-proclaimed, anyway. Species come and species go, and have for millennia… and survival only goes to the fittest on a temporary basis, at best. Monkeys are no different at all, at all except maybe for having a shorter reign than most.

Silly monkeys playing silly monkey games… like ‘pecking orders’ & ‘Emperors and Empresses’ & ‘Kings and Queens’ & ‘Republicans and Democrats’ & ‘Presidents and First Ladies’.

And ‘War and Peace’…

Especially War & Peace. The greatest monkey game of them all… the best, and inevitably the last.

South Korea… North Korea… Japan… Guam… America…


Turns out that the game of Dominoes was not just a theory, after all.


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