“He knew what he signed up for…”

Donald Trump’s words of comfort to Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow

Yes, he did. They all do – these sons and daughters who put their lives and honor on the chopping block of American world hegemony…

They are there to do their duty, as American soldiers.

They are there to be the ‘tip of the spear’ of American military might.

They are there to fight, and die, if necessary.

They are not there to be demeaned for having been captured. Or to have their loved ones’ grief disdained by politicians running for office. Or to serve as pawns in a never-ending contest between differing political philosophies.

Or to salve the conscience of an egocentric narcissist elected to be the president…

They are there – wherever ‘there’ may happen to be, this week or month or year – away for their home, and their families, and their loved ones.

They are there where they have been told to go, to follow the orders lawfully given by their appointed superiors, in an involved dance of international diplomacy, persuasion, coercion and naked power.

They are there to serve their country, in far-off lands and unheard of places, where maiming or death is always just a step around the next corner.

They are there – the grunts, the foot-soldiers, the cannon fodder, the dogfaces, the boots – to take and hold the ground, against all odds, and even to the last man.

They are there, sent where rich men’s sons are deemed too precious to waste; where Senator’s sons are regarded as too great a sacrifice; where lofty businessmen and corporate patriots dare not go.

They are there, the expendables ones, where there are no flags or banners or salutes or medals.

And they know what they signed up for… THEY know.


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