I’ve always liked words. When I first took an entrance exam for college, I ranked in the upper 1/10th of 1% for vocabulary… so I like language, and the way words are used to express ideas and thought.

Later on, as a Platoon Sergeant in the US Army, I was able to expand my rather extensive vocabulary even further, into uncommonly well-spoken profanity and beyond… so I am no stranger to vulgarity, or even obscenity. Words, after all, are just words – sticks & stones (as we all learned back in grade school) may break your bones, but words can never hurt you.

Unless of course, you choose to let them…

So I applaud the recent words from our Shithole President about immigration, and how certain people from certain countries should be denied entrance into this Shithole Country we laughingly call The Land of The Free & The Home of The Brave.

Because under this Shithole President – who can apparently say or do anything he so desires – we should no longer consider ourselves to be either Free, or Brave.

This country has been suffering under Conservative Republicans, Right Wing Republicans, Tea Party Republicans and Trump Republicans for quite some time, but now another faction of that bankrupt political ideology has come to the fore, and it is time to mark them for what they truly are:

Shithole Republicans, the absolute worst of the worst.

A Shithole Republican is one who has no decency, no morals, no standards and no ideals, whatsoever. They will follow their Shithole Leader regardless of where he may take them, even if that costs them their Eternal Soul.

Shithole Republicans are not only extreme hypocrites, they are craven cowards. They shun the truth at all costs, turn their backs on their own stated platforms, and abandon their constituents’ best interests whenever expediency beckons them… they stay silent when they have a duty to speak out, they abuse and dishonor the elected offices they hold, and they defeat and betray the Separate But Equal branch of government they supposedly guard and protect.

Under Shithole Republicans the People’s House is now only representative of depravity, and the once vaunted Senate yawns while a jackass brays as its Proconsul.

And that is because – like their Shithole Leader – they are nothing but shitholes, through & through. Whatever they say is shit & whatever they do is shit, and they love the taste of it in their mouths, and the feel of it through their fingers. They especially love to smear it all around the Capitol, and wherever they can reach throughout the land, sea & air…

Shithole Republicans are going to be the death of this once proud Republic, because the Shithole President they have placed in office (and continue to support despite his blatant incompetency) is not going to be satisfied until he becomes an absolute despot, freed from all restraints upon his power and authority.

And so, we will become the world’s leading Shithole Country – a nation of Nihilists – without any real meaning, purpose or values.

2 thoughts on “SHITHOLES

  1. The saddest part of this entire post is it is NOT hyperbole. The likelihood of this President not finishing his term is increasing with each turn of the special counsel investigation, but that is the least of our worries. He is doing to very real damage to the nation and will continue to so until removed from office. The only thing we can do is work locally to preserve as much of the Republic as we can. Hopefully it won’t be as bad in the end as we expect.


  2. I have a prediction, my friend… after the 2018 ‘Blue Wave’ is over & the House and (hopefully) Senate are both back in Democratic hands, our so-called elected representatives will then be loathe to remove this S-hole President through the impeachment process. They will cite “the will of the people” who elected him and the legitimacy of the Electoral Process, but the real reason why they will want him to remain in office is the same reason why the Republicans already do – because they think they will be able to ‘control’ him & get him to do their bidding, since he is a proven liar who won’t actually give two hoots about his ‘conservative base’ thereafter…


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