Two things are becoming readily apparent following this weekend’s aborted government “shutdown”… the likelihood of Mueller actually nailing Trump is next to nothing, and even if the Special Prosecutor was able to do so – the wishy-washy Democratic Party wouldn’t do a damned thing about it.

Mueller and his crack team of prosecutors may very well submit more subpoena’s and charges in the coming days, weeks and months, but unless something breaks wide open, it seems more & more likely that they DO NOT have any hard evidence of actual collusion by the president.

If they did, he would already have been indicted, and a list of charges would have been turned over to the House of Representatives for further action.

Manafort & Flynn may spend some time in prison, or they may not. Trump’s pardon power as President makes it very unlikely that either one ever will, and the possibility of anyone higher up – like Bannon or Kushner – ever winding up doing hard time is not only laughable, it is ludicrous. Some poor schmucks who over-reached their boundaries during the campaign or Transition may get their hands slapped, but that’s all that’s likely to happen after this late in the game.

And if Mueller’s findings accuse Trump with any other misdoings – short of actual collusion with the Russians – the Republicans in the House are never going to file for impeachment… and even if they did, 2/3rds of the Senate would never bring forth a guilty verdict.

So the hope of overturning this calamity of an Administration is not only poor, it is next to nothing.

The 2020 mid-term elections are still 10 months away, but hanging your hat on a ‘Blue Wave’ that’s coming to swamp Congressional Republicans from office is a pipe-dream as well.

Senate Democrats have now shown beyond a doubt that they have spines like wet noodles, and grossly mistake compromise for integrity. When turning tail and running passes for courage, what chance is there that a newly-elected Democratic House and/or Senate would find replacement of a thoroughly isolated Chief Executive to be politically wise? Leaving the boob in office and twisting his arm towards more Liberal policies would be much better sport, politically.

It’s all a big game, anyway, right? Nobody really cares whether the Russians interfered with the last election – maybe they did, and maybe they didn’t. But what’s really important is using whatever you can find, to get (and keep) your political party in office… whether it’s Democrats or Republicans, makes no never mind.

Party, party, party and continue to screw ordinary citizens – that’s the only Continuing Resolution that really counts in Washington D. C.

With Trump in the White House, and Republican control of the House, Senate and Supreme Court this country only has – at best – a half-government, and that is one based on partisan politics:

There is no longer a United States Senate. There is only a Leader for the Republican Party, who controls a slim majority within that part of the government.

There is no longer a United States House of Representatives. There is only a Speaker for the Republican Party, who controls a dwindling majority within that part of the government.

There is no longer a United States Supreme Court. There are only five Republican Party High Court judges, who constitute a single-vote majority within that part of the government.

There is no longer a President of the United States. There is only a phony Republican in the White House, who is incompetently faking that role within the government.

And when – if – the Democrats gain back more power, don’t expect anything different from them… because “Bi-Partisan” will still only be PARTISAN in nature, and ‘compromise’ will still only be a promise that has yet to be kept.

One thought on “POLITICS, AS USUAL

  1. My ONLY HOPE is investigators are holding back (hiding) indictable information knowing the GOP will bury/excuse/thwart prosecution. I am hoping they will present it to a Democratic Party controlled Congress…. I DO agree it is up to Dems whether we preserve, protect and defend….


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