IF Donald Trump is telling the truth about ‘no collusion’ – and there was nothing that he or any member of his campaign staff did to aid Russian interference in the 2016 US elections – what would the ABSOLUTE WORST THING BE that Putin could do to hurt him, and harm our country?

Wouldn’t that be to come out & SAY that Trump, and key members of his campaign staff, really WERE in on it the whole time? To SAY that Trump is lying about not knowing what was going on, and was instead in direct charge of every aspect of the subterfuge? Wouldn’t that do more harm to our present government & our whole democracy than anything else Putin could possibly do?

So, what does the fact that Putin – a longstanding avowed enemy of our country – DOESN’T DO THAT tell us about Donald Trump’s TRUTHFULNESS?

And what does it MEAN when Trump repeatedly says there was ‘no collusion’, and Putin backs him up about that – AND WE ALREADY KNOW THAT PUTIN IS LYING about interfering in our elections?

What does THAT tell us about Donald Trump’s truthfulness?

And furthermore, what does it mean when Donald Trump repeatedly indicates that HE BELIEVES PUTIN is >telling the truth< about not interfering in the recent US elections, despite massive amounts of evidence to the contrary given to him as Commander-In-Chief by all US Intelligence agencies?

When, instead, according to both of them, Putin is purportedly ‘helping’ the US (and Donald Trump) sort out the truth about what has happened…

What does THAT tell us?

When Putin’s lies back up Donald Trump’s lies, and Donald Trump’s lies back up Putin’s lies… what does that tell us about who is most likely telling the PRAVDA?


One thought on “PRAVDA

  1. Who ya going to believe? – D-Trump or your lying eyes…?
    Being a good Dem does not require believing or pretending to believe things which are demonstratively not true… – Being a good Republican does…
    An idiot ‘hears the truth, sees the truth, and even knowing the truth, still (chooses) believes the lie’. – And I am not including Trump here; – we know his motivation is other than believing his own BS *(trumpies maybe).

    The original Greek word “idiotes” was not about intelligence: – It meant people so self-centered on only their own lives and narrow associations that they were both ignorant of, and uncaring about, public concerns or the common good.
    Sounds to me like the typical apolitical non-voter and/or those giving up their civic duty of investigation/involvement/decision making over to a religious faction or political Party.
    – Always a complaint but never a real solution.
    – Never a thought of compromise; only grievance over what they want.
    – And when things don’t go 100% their way; they just gripe “Wake up sheeple” and “America is broken” as if they were not actually the problem.
    – Spoiler Alert: Democracy does not work that way.


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