IF you think that everything will be alright after the November election… you’re kidding yourself.

Because IF Democrats re-take the House of Representatives – and not the Senate – the only thing that will change is their ability to hold hearings and open investigations, with the power to subpoena people and documents.

IF you think that Democrats will be able to impeach Trump when they take back the House, after the November election… think again.

Because IF Democrats are to have any chance of making an impeachment charge stick, they will need to win a 2/3 vote in the Senate – which is extremely doubtful with Republicans still in control of the Senate. And even with BOTH houses under control of Democrats, they will still need a 2/3 vote to win a Guilty verdict regarding any Presidential impeachment.

IF you are counting on the Mueller investigation to bring indictments against a sitting President… that’s not very likely to happen.

Because current Justice Department rulings state that a President should not be indicted while in office. And Mueller does not even have to do anything except write a report, and submit findings to his superiors in the Justice Department. So, IF Mueller brings any indictments against this President, they are likely to be only as an Unindicted Co-conspirator.

IF you are hoping for Trump to be impeached, or resign, during his last two years in office… be careful what you hope for.

Because getting rid of Donald Trump is not the same thing as getting rid of his Administration. And Vice-President Mike Pence is a complete unknown, when it comes to his own goals and policies.

IF you think that everything will settle down and get back to normal, after the elections in 2020… don’t hold your breath.

Because Trump supporters are not going to just go away. Tea Party Republicans are not going to turn into Liberals. Lies and untruths are not going to magically disappear, and be replaced with fairness and integrity. What has been done is done, and can never be undone – and so, nothing will ever again be the same as it was before.

And IF you think that anything just said is not valid… then you’ve got another think coming.


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