House of Representatives: Democratic control

Senate: Republican control

Supreme Court: Conservative control

Mathematically, there are certain realities that will follow the 2018 election results, the chief of which is that Donald Trump is now ensured two more unimpeded years in office.

That is based on the fact that Democrats only have control of the House of Representatives, which just has the authority to begin an impeachment process, not control the outcome. And with the Senate still firmly under the reign of Republicans, a ‘guilty’ verdict will never happen… in the unlikely event that Senators would ever even get to vote on the matter. (Speaker Mitchell could just as likely refuse to take a vote.)

But wait, you say – the Special Prosecutor has yet to complete his investigation into the results of the 2016 election & any skullduggery that the President’s campaign may have been involved in… and while that’s true, it’s entirely meaningless as long as the Trump Administration controls the Justice Department, and the Supreme Court is overseen by a Conservative majority.

Because the most that Mueller can do – no matter what his findings turn out to be – is file a report with his superiors. He is never going to instigate criminal proceedings against a sitting President on his own authority. And neither is Trump’s next Attorney General (whoever that may turn out to be).

And in the unlikely event that anyone ever tries to do that, the Rogers Court is firmly in place to decisively put an end to that kind of nonsense.

So Reality #1 is that Donald Trump will remain in office for his full term, and maybe even another one. (Which will depend on just two things: whether Donnie wants to run again, and how many Red State Independents turn out to cast their votes, with him actually on the ballot. Because those are the people who just kept the Senate in Republican hands for the next two years.)

And Reality #2 is that Democrats can’t do much about Reality #1, except raise a bunch of stink about it until the 2020 elections. Yes, they can start a ream of House Committee investigations, and yes they will now have the power to send out Congressional Subpoenas.

But House Committees do not have any authority to take action about whatever they may find UNLESS the Justice Department is willing to bring charges, and Congressional Subpoenas are just as toothless. Administration officials do not even have to appear, and if they do so, they cannot be forced to say anything – with or without Executive Privilege.

And so, the only real power that the House Democrats have comes from the fact that they now hold the country’s purse-strings – but then only if they are willing to CUT the Trump Administration’s budget dramatically & drastically, over & over again for the next two years. (And that sort of behavior on the part of Democrats will probably not bode well for their chances in the next Presidential election… )

Which leads us to Reality #3: there is really nothing to stop the current Administration from continuing – and even accelerating – the dismantling of the various governmental departments and regulatory agencies under its control. Education, banking, trade & industry, foreign relations, NATO, the United Nations, and (most especially) the environment are all going to continue to be negatively affected in the coming months and years.

And the aftermath of THAT election result is perhaps most chilling – because Nero may have fiddled while Rome burned, but at least he had sense enough not to fuel the conflagration.

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