Somewhere Under the Rainbow

“Perception is reality.” Lee Atwater, Republican political strategist (1951 – 1991)

We live in an industrialized, commercialized society. The full ramifications of that reality are largely misunderstood and ignored by most of the people who are immersed within it. Growing industrialization is perceived as being a blessing to humanity, rather than the curse of the present age; rampant commercialization is seen as the economic driver fueling the world economy, instead of the steel trap of inequality for people that it actually is.

Consider: the Republican’s ‘trickle down’ economic theory never has worked, yet Republicans continue to endorse & support it. Consider: the Democrat’s ‘minimum wage’ economic theory never has worked, yet Democrats continue to endorse and support it.

Since when have two wrongs ever made a right?

Perception and Reality is not necessarily the same thing. One’s perceptions may, or may not, be accurate – but reality always remains whatever it truly is. Perceptions come and go – but every man still winds up in that same cold, cold grave.

One can believe that the world is flat, if you so desire; but that does not alter the fact that this planetary body is physically, a globe. One can believe that climatary warming is a myth, or merely a temporary aberration; but that does not alter the fact that worldwide, all the glaciers are melting away.

And when those rising waters grow ever higher, one’s perceptions can either help you start swimming, or they can cause you to sink like a stone… because the failure to recognize that “the times, they are a’changin” is best understood as a Failure To Adapt – and that is a fatal flaw for not only individuals, but for whole species.

To date, Mankind has never achieved a complete, whole civilization.

It has done away with its tails, lost most of its fur, and changed from shit-throwing tree dwellers, to shit-throwing dwellers on land – but that is about the extent of its adaptability. It has never been able to learn how to stop killing other living beings, or even its own kind… it has never grown beyond its origin as a race of nomadic tribal scavengers, out to take whatever it can find… it has never become constitutionally capable of building a lasting society of any kind, without warring on other nearby human beings.

And thanks to the false paths it is still intent upon taking, it probably never will reach a full-fledged civilization.

Because extinction is always the result of any species’ failure to successfully adapt.


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