Did you know that on average a person will touch their face 23 times each hour, throughout the day?

Times eight hours, that turns into 184 touches; times ten hours, into 230 touches;  times twelve hours, it makes 276 touches;  and in sixteen hours (with time taken off while sleeping), it comes out to about 368 face-touches PER DAY.

And most people are completely unaware of the fact that they routinely do this, day after day, week after week, month after month – throughout their whole life. In fact, this behavior is so ingrained in humans that it is virtually impossible for anyone to accurately keep track of their own face-touches because WE FORGET WE ARE DOING IT, even while we try to remember we are supposed to be keeping count.

I point out this simple little trait, because if human beings are so OBLIVIOUS of behaving in {this} manner, then what else are we incapable of noticing about our own behavior(s)?

It has been said that ‘In the Kingdom of the Blind, the one-eyed man is King…’ but I ask you:  who can be a King, in a land where ALL are blind and do not even realize there can be a difference?

Behavior cannot be changed unless and until it is observed and recognized as NEEDING to be changed. And even then, it is very difficult to break a long-standing habit – even if it is completely detrimental to one’s long-term wellbeing. Because behaviors become habits, and long-term habits become ADDICTIONS. And that is true whether people see the harm an addiction is doing, or not…

And so, human beings will continue to touch their faces – over and over and over again, throughout their lifetimes –  whether they understand about germ theory, or not. Right up until the time when a truly virulent contagious disease evolves, that uses facial-touches as the vector for its transmission…  and then they will die while touching their faces, in droves.

Did you know that Carbon Dioxide is an odorless transparent heavier-than-air gas that is poisonous to oxygen-breathing creatures in large quantities?  Did you know that plants and trees absorb it through photosynthesis during the day, and then release it back out into the atmosphere at night?

Sleep deeply, oblivious monkeys… sleep deeply, and well.

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