Somewhere Under the Rainbow

“Perception is reality.” Lee Atwater, Republican political strategist (1951 – 1991) We live in an industrialized, commercialized society. The full ramifications of that reality are largely misunderstood and ignored by most of the people who are immersed within it. Growing industrialization is perceived as being a blessing to humanity, rather than the curse of the […]

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On The Precipice

‘Half measures, half measures, half measures onward… into the Valley of Death temporized the 6 billion…’ It’s okay to stop & smell the roses along the way to extinction, it seems. The biggest problem with that idea (imho) stems from the fact that repeated half-hearted actions over the past 50 years is what has got […]

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House of Representatives: Democratic control Senate: Republican control Supreme Court: Conservative control Mathematically, there are certain realities that will follow the 2018 election results, the chief of which is that Donald Trump is now ensured two more unimpeded years in office. That is based on the fact that Democrats only have control of the House […]

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IF you think that everything will be alright after the November election… you’re kidding yourself. Because IF Democrats re-take the House of Representatives – and not the Senate – the only thing that will change is their ability to hold hearings and open investigations, with the power to subpoena people and documents. IF you think […]

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IF Donald Trump is telling the truth about ‘no collusion’ – and there was nothing that he or any member of his campaign staff did to aid Russian interference in the 2016 US elections – what would the ABSOLUTE WORST THING BE that Putin could do to hurt him, and harm our country? Wouldn’t that […]

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An Epitaph for a Dying Species

“You are the crown of creation… You are the crown of creation… And you’ve got no place You’ve got no place You’ve got no place to go.” Jefferson Airplane, 1968 Increasing human population Increasing industrial output Increasing levels of pollution Increasing atmospheric CO2 Increasing acidification of oceans Increasing global temperatures Increasing sea levels Increasing desertification […]

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The Right to Think

People should be allowed to think whatever they want to think, right? And people should be allowed to say whatever they want to say, right? So, it must logically follow that people should be allowed to DO whatever they want to do… right? Take Adolph Hitler, for instance. He should have been able to think […]

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