IF Donald Trump is telling the truth about ‘no collusion’ – and there was nothing that he or any member of his campaign staff did to aid Russian interference in the 2016 US elections – what would the ABSOLUTE WORST THING BE that Putin could do to hurt him, and harm our country? Wouldn’t that […]

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An Epitaph for a Dying Species

“You are the crown of creation… You are the crown of creation… And you’ve got no place You’ve got no place You’ve got no place to go.” Jefferson Airplane, 1968 Increasing human population Increasing industrial output Increasing levels of pollution Increasing atmospheric CO2 Increasing acidification of oceans Increasing global temperatures Increasing sea levels Increasing desertification […]

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The Right to Think

People should be allowed to think whatever they want to think, right? And people should be allowed to say whatever they want to say, right? So, it must logically follow that people should be allowed to DO whatever they want to do… right? Take Adolph Hitler, for instance. He should have been able to think […]

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One of the strangest aspects to the continuing political insanity that has enveloped this country with the recent election of our new Fake President has been – for me – the apparent reluctance of the governing majority party to take any action(s) to rein-in his various excesses and obvious blunders. Except for a few blatant […]

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“For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth.” Isaiah 21:6 I don’t like book reports – never have. What any author has to say can only be done justice by reading every word, from first to last, without shortcuts… truncation in any form is merely […]

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Two things are becoming readily apparent following this weekend’s aborted government “shutdown”… the likelihood of Mueller actually nailing Trump is next to nothing, and even if the Special Prosecutor was able to do so – the wishy-washy Democratic Party wouldn’t do a damned thing about it. Mueller and his crack team of prosecutors may very […]



I’ve always liked words. When I first took an entrance exam for college, I ranked in the upper 1/10th of 1% for vocabulary… so I like language, and the way words are used to express ideas and thought. Later on, as a Platoon Sergeant in the US Army, I was able to expand my rather […]

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